Texas Dental Hygienists' Association


Governmental Affairs - Co-Chairs: Sandy Tesch, RDH, MSHP and Nancy Cline, RDH, MPH
The Governmental Affairs Council is charged with protecting and preserving the education, licensure and scope of practice of registered dental hygienists. The council works with licensed dental hygienists to promote grassroots advocacy efforts at the district (constituent) and state levels. GAC meets with legislators at the Capitol and works closely with TDHA's legislative consultant. They are active in legislative hearings, coalitions, forums and meetings that involve the oral health of the citizens in Texas.

Member Services - Chair: LeeAnn Winkler, RDH, BSDH
As a standing Council of the Texas Dental Hygienists' Association, the Member Services Council directs cohesive strategies with the state Membership Committees. The Council strives to increase membership through marketing and promoting the value of membership in our professional association. A workshop for new membership chairs is held each year to inform new chairs of the workings of ADHA and to coordinate efforts for recruitment, retention, and recognition of members. Periodic communication with the chairs and trustees is submitted through the Leadership Letter and the TDHA Times. Member Services maintains a state membership data base including students and sends an informative "New Member Booklet" to all new and reinstated members. TDHA Member Services produces an informative booklet about TDHA for Student members upon graduation.

Professional Education - Chair: Monna Carpenter Barin, RDH, BS, OM, SLP
The purpose of the Professional Education Council is to develop and implement mechanisms for TDHA to promote continuing education. This council also reviews and continually updates the guidelines that meet SBDE requirements for C.E.U.'s utilization by components.

Communication – Chair: Rickie Lindley, RDH, BS
Through the utilization of the Area Media Spokesperson program, Publications, Social Media and our Website this council has been charged with the duty to increase public awareness of TDHA, dental hygienists, oral health, and create a positive image of the profession of dental hygiene as well as providing oral health education

The Council is responsible for communication between the TDHA Board of Directors and Component Trustees. The Trustee Directors are available for support, discussions and help when needed by Component Trustees.