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Legislative Awareness Day Follow-up

Please Take The Following Actions NOW:

1) Call or email your legislator to voice your support for SB 430 and HB 1201.

2) Ask your dentist to call their legislators to voice support for a properly trained hygienist to administer local anesthesia.

3) Share these handouts and discuss them with colleagues during your dental hygiene component meetings and events.

Follow the status of our bills at: www.capitol.state.tx.us.

Click on link: Who Represents Me? to find legislator info.

TDHA Local Anesthesia Bills Filed
Current State Local Anesthesia
2015 Survey of Texas Dental Hygienists
Laser Rule Update
Texas Law on Hygienists as a contract Labor
10 Things You Need To Be DOING

TDHA Legislative Contacts 2017

Governmental Affairs Council 2016-2017
Sandy Tesch, Co-Chair
Nancy V. Cline, Co-Chair

Courtney Aldredge
Monna Carpenter Barin
Lynda Bean
Cathy Blunck
Cindy Crisler
Susan Fowler
Betty Haynes
Carrie Hobbs
Christina Horton
Lindsay Jorkos
Heather Knitter
Delphine Lehmann
Mercedes Mendoza
Shermance Morris
Victoria Patrounova
Cindie Pierce
Sandy Ray
Amanda Richardson
Sarah Roddy
Kristen Sparkman
Debra Summerford
Parisah Troy
LeeAnn Winkler

Greater Houston Dental Hygienists' Association President, Jenessa Bock, with Texas Dental Association President, Dr. Rita Cammarata.

GHDHS President Elect, Lauri Collins, meets with Representative Rick Miller on November 8, 2016.

Greater Houston members, Betty Haynes and Janessa Bock, visited with Rep. Garnet Coleman on October 18.

Betty Haynes and Janessa Bock visiting with Rep. Alma Allen on October 18.

TDHA President, Lynda Bean, attended a reception for Dr. Dawn Buckingham on October 20, 2016. Dr. Buckingham is running for State Senator from District 24.

Rep. Dan Huberty visited with Greater Houston members at their Big CE on October 28, 2016.

GAC Legislative Team and Stephanie Smith, Legislative Consultant at the Tex HyPac Dinner

LeeAnn Winkler, Governor Greg Abbott, Breezy Bonney at a fundraising event

LeeAnn Winkler, Speaker of the House John Stauss , Breezy Bonney and Rep. Kenneth Sheets at a fundraising event

LeeAnn Winkler, Breezy Bonney and Rep. Cindy Burkett at the "Join the Pack at the Biergarten" event

Our Members With Speaker of the House Straus from LAD

LeeAnn Winkler, Bennet Ratliff, Denise Frank, Terri Patrick. Dallas Dental Hygienists' Society Members block walking.

2014-2015 TDHA Student Delegate Brianna "Breezy" Bonney and TDHA President LeeAnn Winkler

Texas State House of Representatives

Legislative Director Sandy Tesch, Lynda Bean, TDHA President Elect, Legislative Consultant Stephanie Smith, TDHA President LeeAnn Winkler, GAC Co-Chair Nancy Cline

Upper Left: Nancy Cline, Heather Ellis, TDHA President LeeAnn Winkler Lower Right: Hope Garza, Heather Ellis, Chriszelda Luna