Texas Dental Hygienists' Association

President's Message

My Installation was AWESOME! Thank you Fort Worth for your very generous support of my Installation, you are the BEST! I am so proud to be a member of Fort Worth. I have had the honor to serve many positions on the Board in Fort Worth and TDHA since I began my career in 1978.

I have also had the privilege of being employed by the Dr. Phillip Hinson for 38, soon to be 39 years, he trusts me implicitly with our patients! It is so special when our patients noticed that we say the same thing, he has taught me that over the years!

We are a Team!

How more honored could you be than your Boss coming to your Installation and speaking about our years together.

We could write an entire book about all the times that he has supported me troughout the years, no matter what I do. Those of you who were at my Installation heard a few of our stories over my years with Dr. Hinson, it has been a great ride, he will be retiring in August 2018 and I will miss him so!

However, I do love Dr. Jennifer Allen, who will be purchasing the practice, you will meet her next year at the President’s Reception, and she will also be very involved with TDHA and our efforts!

To Students: It is my hope that your career will be as special as mine, you will find the right Boss that makes you special, if you find that, hold onto that position until the end! I have been a member since 1978, it is my hope that you can follow in my footsteps

I need all RDH’S to contact your State Representative to support HB 1201 and your State Senator to support SB 430

Cindy Crisler, RDH
TDHA President 2017-2018